During Fall Semester 2022 (August to December), I took a course titled Chinese 645: Chinese Teaching Practicum, taught by Dr. Haidan Wang at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa. In this course, I had the opportunity to observe my colleagues in Chinese (Mandarin) 100 to 400 level university level classes, as well as conduct two teaching demonstrations in a Chinese 101 and 201 class. Through my classroom observations and teaching, I reflected on my current teaching practices as a language educator, created teaching materials and handouts to supplement lessons for Chinese 101 and 201 classes, and discuss with my colleagues various topics, which included but were not limited to: interactive grammar teaching approaches, implementing computer assisted language learning with utilizing software like Kahoot! and Poll Everywhere, and the discussion of Chinese language teaching and learning research published for professional development. As a result, I created a teaching portfolio to illustrate my teaching and learning of Chinese, which allowed me to consider second language acquisition theories, curriculum design, specific classroom strategies and exercises, and new ideas to implement in the second language classroom. 

In the teaching portfolio, reflections of my experience in Chinese 645, as well as my teaching philosophy and an action research proposal are enclosed. In addition, I have included my Chinese 101 and 201 teaching materials to guide the reading my of teaching philosophy, reflection of Chinese 645, and action research proposal.
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