During Summer 2023 (June), I took a three week intensive online course titled Creating Engaging Materials taught by Dr. Shannon Quinn at Michigan State University. In this course, I had the opportunity to observe colleagues across a variety of contexts, as well as create engaging materials for Cantonese classes that I teach. Through my online observations and engagement, I reflected on my current teaching practices as a language educator, created teaching materials for Elementary Cantonese courses, and discussed with my colleagues various topics integrating various resources, such as Wakelet and Padlet. As a result, I created a  portfolio to illustrate my creation of engaging materials, which allowed me to consider second language acquisition theories, curriculum design, specific classroom strategies and exercises, and new ideas to implement in the second language classroom. 

In this teaching portfolio, reflections of my experience in Creating Engaging Materials, as well as reflections and an abstract proposal for a future ACTFL conference are enclosed. In addition, I have included the engaging materials I've made to guide the reading my of reflection in this course, conference proposal, and engaging materials.
Rubric (created from the first week of this course)

Chinese 101 Teaching Materials
Activity 1 (Template): Politeness in Cantonese (Vocabulary)

Reflective Piece
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