Xie, N. F., Mitani, K., & Tang, A. F. (2023). Designing Adventure Games for Knowledge Retention and Skills Integration. 
ACTFL 2023 Annual Convention. McCormick Place. Chicago, IL. November 16-19, 2023.

Tang, A. F., Suacillo, C. I. M., & Mabunga, E. D. R. Examining Examining ESL/EFL Teachers’ Attitudes and Perspectives towards World Englishes.

Tang, A.F. Examining bilingualism through bicultural and biliteracy development of students in Cantonese speaking families.

Tang, A.F. Which "thank you" do I use? A critical analysis of novice level L2 Cantonese learners' thanking strategies.

Tang, A.F. Acquisition of multi word units among Chinese L1 ESL Learners.

Tang, A.F. Acquisition of focus structures among Chinese L1 ESL Learners.

Tang, A.F. Examining passive voice usage errors among Chinese L1 ESL Learners.
Research Assistant March 2021 - June 2022
Departments of Speech and Hearing Sciences and Asian Languages and Literature
University of Washington, Seattle, WA.
Assisted Professors Amy Pace and Chan Lü with transcribing and analyzing data among bilingual children who are learning Mandarin Chinese and English in language immersion settings
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